5 Gorgeous iPhone Cases

iPhone 5 Cases for Curiously MadeMy phone recently experienced a facial trauma of the worst sort, so after paying the $169 repair bill, I’ve resigned myself to covering her up a bit for protection.

Here’s a round up of some beautiful (and fun) iPhone 5 cases from around the internet.  Bonus: They’re all well under $50, which is what a nice-looking case from the Apple Store will run you.

  1. This one just embodies girly, happy springtime.  (Peach Floral Inlay Case from Rifle Paper Co.)
  2. The wood print and pink-striped case is a cheerful balance between rustic and feminine.  (Etsy)
  3. I love the simplicity of this modern case.  (Etsy)
  4. This hand-engraved wooden penny farthing case reminds me of my friend’s obsession with the antique bicycles.  (Etsy)
  5. And just to be silly, an Ostrich case.  (Society 6)

I’ll update with a little review after I receive the one I ordered, and while you’re browsing, why not check out my Etsy shop?

P.S. Sorry for the horrendous photoshop job! I’m still learning, and just couldn’t devote the time to make this one perfect.

Winter blues.

I’ve been a bit down this winter… The snow/frigid air/ice/darkness seems almost endless in February.

I’m trying to remember that sunshine, picnics on Mont Royal and extended terrace brunches are just around the corner though! A sweet friend of mine shared a list of things to look forward to:

  • Brunch
  • Pocket watches
  • First signs of spring
  • A new friend
  • Cats purring
  • Eggs benny

Phil in the Kitchen – Cozy Soup & Sandwiches

Today’s post is from my awesome boyfriend, with two recipes I want to preserve in cyberspace for the rest of my life because they are so good.

Jill is vegetarian, but my cooking skills are limited to grilling meat and making hard-boiled eggs. I’ve made some crappy suppers before so I decided to ask the internet for some help.

I found a variation of this Butternut Squash Soup and Toasted Spinach Sandwich recipe on a random forum and decided to share it so I don’t forget.

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